Friday, August 28, 2020

Now that we've made our work bags, we've begun to fashion the sewing notions to accompany it.  Our first project was to make a needlebook. We've also indulged in a pretty little origami craft to embellish our journals.   Here is a gallery of our efforts.

Shelli's Needlebook

Amanda's Needlebook

Jane's Needlebook

Pam's Needlebook

Anna's Needlebook

Nickalli's Needlebook

Barbara's Needlebook

Here are our Folded Bodice creations:

Jane's Folded bodices

Shelli's Folded Bodices

Linda's Folded Bodices

Pam's Folded Bodices

Anna's Folded Bodices

Here are our Handmade Buttons:

Pam's Buttons

Jane's Buttons:

Barbara's Buttons: 

Shelli's Buttons:

Anna's Buttons:

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