Monday, January 11, 2021

A Word About Monograms from Lady Caroline Farnsworth


Ladies all, and our fine Gentlemen,

It is with a happy heart that I share with you the latest addition to my beloved leather diary. Obtained from relatives, of our own Mr. Beckett Blackburn, I will have you know. One has, for a long while, wanted to give the journal a lift in its mundane appearance on the blank page before me. I have added the obligatory watercolour vignettes at the sides, whilst I write of my days, but these fritterings are added at the end of my writings. I wanted something, how would one say it…exotic? Something to tempt my eye down the page.

This it was that I discovered the quaint design upon my last trip to Cheltenham. My Lord Joseph was taking the waters as his rheumatism was giving him angst, blessed be, that we have our own spa in Gloucestershire. Whilst I browsed the windows and partook of the customary promenade up and down the high street, “one must be ‘seen’ you know,” I espied “Blackburn’s Quill & Parchment” Shoppe. I heard mention upon my last interview with young Mr. Blackburn, that his parents ran that charming business though it had not occurred to me, until I espied his papa, with that familiar likeness, behind the counter. Such a helpful gentleman. He regaled to me, the history of the ornamental letter, in ornate and decorative religious scenes.

 Finding its history roots in medieval manuscripts and Book of Days, entirely handwritten in Latin for the nobleman and his dame. The header to each page was sumptuous capital letter, encircled with greenery, insects and encased within a boxed vibrancy of pigment in yolk painted hues. But this for me, was too ostentatious, yes, even for me. I was looking for something less so, something that gave me a quiet joy, and here he showed me the following alphabet. I can truly say it is with a glad heart, that my diary will now show the quiet grace and good management, for one to continue into the new year.

Lady Caroline Farnsworth, Comely Manor

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