Sunday, July 12, 2020

Dear Neighbours,

This day has been full of sunshine and warm breezes which had Hetty and I in the garden happily weeding the vegetable patch and also cutting the lavender to make sachets. As you know Lavender is the best deterrent for moths. With that in mind Hetty and I cut the lavender and weave it into little sachets to put in with our linens to keep them safe from the moths and smelling like a summer day. This is such an easy craft we would like to share it with you. On a day like today, it is pleasant to pass the time chatting and weaving these pretty little lavender cones.

To make a single sachet, cut an odd number of lavender flowers with at least 6 inches of stem. It is best to do this just before the flowers bloom. Hetty and I have used 7 stems to make our sachets and this works well, the more you use, the larger the “bulb” of the flowers will be and it is sometimes harder to contain the flowers behind the ribbon.

Once you have cut your flowers and taken off the excess leaves so that the stem is bare, take a length of ribbon, not too wide, which measures at least 36 inches. Tie the ribbon just under the flowers on the stem leaving at least 6 inches of ribbon on one side, this is for finishing the cone.

Now that the ribbon is tied, gently fold the stems down over the ribbon creating a cage around the flowers.

When you have folded the stems down, take the longer of the two ribbons and begin weaving in and out of the stems.

Continue to do this until the flowers are completely covered and only a short bit of the stems are showing. When you get to this point. Wrap the longer ribbon around the stems once or twice and then with the short 6 inch ribbon you have left which should be coming out of the enclosed flowers, tie a pretty bow and snip the ends of the ribbon so they are of equal length.

The only thing that remains now is for you to snip the edges of the stems so only half an inch is visible beyond the bow. Your sachet is now complete ready to put into your linen closet.

Hetty and I hope you will enjoy making these little lavender Sachets as much as we do. Do have a lovely day.

With kind regards,

Alice Powell and Hetty Thorne


  1. What a beautiful and thrifty craft! I do appreciate you sharing it with us! I only wish I had some Lavender in my garden. I have longed for a Lavender plant or two, for home uses such as this, but alas, my green thumb has failed me in that area. Perchance next planting season I shall be more lucky!

  2. Dearest Matilda,
    Thank you for your lovely comments. Hetty and I grow a pot or two of lavender on our window sill which does well. Perhaps this will work for you also.

    Kindest regards, Alice Powell.


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