Sunday, February 28, 2021

An Evening to Remember

 Cupid's Ball

The Ballroom at the Rose & Crown was a sight to behold at the recent Cupid’s Ball. Clusters of hearts of varying sizes, in shades of red, pink and white were used to decorate the Assembly Rooms, transforming it into an enchanted scene with festoons of bay, swathes of white linen and numerous candles to illuminate the scene.

Elizabeth Margarette Treadwell of Rosehill Cottage was our hostess for the evening, happily greeting all who entered and handing out the special keepsake brooches to each lady who attended the ball. Everyone began referring to her as The Rose & Crown’s Queen of Hearts. Her helpers were also hard at work handing out numbers to those ladies and gentlemen who were participating in the dancing, for the first dance was “Cupid’s Choice,” which caused a great deal of interest and anticipation amongst those in attendance.

Our Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Launcelot Penn, called the numbers for the Cupid’s Choice Dance. The lady and gentleman who held each number called, proceeded to the dance floor. Introductions were made if the two were not known to one another, they took their places in the set and the next number was called until all numbers had been read out and the dancers were assembled. A Cotillion was Cupid’s choice for the first dance and there was much merriment around the room, enjoyed by those dancing as well as those who watched. Siblings or parent and siblings were matched to dance as well as friends and neighbours. There was much interest as the partners were matched, some more happy with Cupid’s choice than others. This first dance set the mood for the entire evening which was light and full of gaiety.

The younger ladies seemed to all have a similar idea of dressing in keeping with the theme of the ball, the room a sea of white gowns trimmed in red or pink ribbons. It was a pretty sight, their gowns set off by the dark evening clothes of the gentleman.

Dinner was an elegant affair, the tables all covered with crisp white linens and accented with vases of greens. For starters, each bowl of white soup had a heart shape of herbs on top, the main course and accompaniments also looking delectable. The meal concluded with sugared fruit and almonds as well as a pretty pink flummery shaped in a series of hearts

Mrs. Treadwell’s attention to detail and Leandrea Wallis’ artful ideas created an enchanting evening for all, one that shall live in our memories for a long time.

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