Saturday, April 17, 2021

 Summer Fete

Dear Friends and neighbours of Amberleigh,

As you will have seen by the notice at the public well, Lady Caroline and Lady Elizabeth have set the date for our Summer Fete which is to be July 24th. We hope to provide another enjoyable day for the families of Amberleigh and its surrounding area. We shall have our games to participate in, the many stalls to browse as well as entertainments for the children. Music shall be provided in many forms, from a string quartet to a pipe and fiddle to lighten the mood and put a spring into your step. There will also be our judging tent with all your lovely entries.

This enterprise, as always, relies upon the kindness of the villagers to help in whatever way they may. Many hands shall be needed to erect the tents, set up stalls, move tables and chairs to the tea tent and many other tasks which require the strong help from our menfolk. Assistance with setting up the judging area and making temporary pens for the livestock will be most appreciated. Our games will need to be organized and set out also as will the decorating of the dancing area where a ball shall commence when the fete festivities have concluded. We ask you to help in any way you may be able, to ensure the day is a success.

Ladies, may we call upon you to provide cakes and buns for the tea tent, which we remind all, is in aid of our church fund. Any of your home favourites are sure to be a nice addition to our cake table. When you are making your elderflower drinks we ask you make an extra jug for the fete. We shall also need volunteers to prepare and serve the tea throughout the day. You may work for a short time so that you may enjoy the festivities while also lending a hand. We shall be happy to work with you in this matter.

Those of you so inclined, may have a stall to hawk your wares. We have a generous area set aside to accommodate as many as 50 stalls and are hopeful you would like to be a part of this day by providing your special crafts and creations for the perusal of the guests.

There shall be, of course, the judging tent filled with all your entries. You may enter as many of the categories you wish, but only one entry per category, if you please. The more entries we have the better the competition as well as the display. Let us make this an exceptional competition, one the judges must take care to deliberate upon before choosing the winners. The categories this year are many and varied, with something to appeal to each of us.

As is tradition, such a day as this shall culminate in a ball to be held on the green. A special dance floor is to be erected and the Bexford orchestra shall play to our heart’s content.

We thank you for your continued help and inspiration in creating this Summer Fete and we hope to greet you all there on July 24th.

Your devoted organizers,

Lady Elizabeth Marlowe and Lady Caroline Farnsworth

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