Sunday, May 16, 2021

Jenny's Rose Water Recipe


Hello my Dear Friends,

I remain at The Chestnuts, Mr. Penn’s home, looking after Old Mary. You will be happy to know Old Mary has made progress. Dr. Woodforde has been to visit these past few days and tells me the danger is past and Old Mary is becoming well again. I know you join me all in giving thanks that our prayers have been answered. Old Mary is still frail but her smile is a welcome sight after so many weeks.

Mr. Penn is kind enough to sit with Old Mary, from time to time, urging me to go and take exercise. The vista from Old Mary’s window is inviting; I have enjoyed my free time walking around the grounds, exploring the various gardens and wooded areas. Mr. Penn’s rose garden is particularly beautiful, especially now the roses are all beginning to bloom. My gracious host has given me leave to cut flowers for Old Mary’s room and also to use the roses to make rose water for our wash basins. He is a kind man, and a good friend to Old Mary, seeing to her every need.

As I was preparing the rose water, I thought you may benefit from my recipe to make your own; I share my recipe here for you to add to your home book.

Jenny’s Rose Water Recipe

Gather your roses early in the morning on a fine day, just after the dew has dried, for they are most fragrant then. Remove the petals carefully, discarding the stems, leaves and core of the flower. Use a vessel made of pottery rather than an iron pot, for it will give you a sweeter water. Once you have placed the petals in the vessel, add enough water to cover them and let the pot simmer until it comes to the boil. Move it from the hottest area of the fire and let it simmer gently for five minutes. Strain off the liquid, let it cool, then store it in glass jugs which are tightly covered. This will make your morning wash all the sweeter.

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