Sunday, July 4, 2021

A Letter From Lady Elizabeth Marlowe

                                                                                           3rd July 

                                                                                          Nº 42 St. James Place


My Dearest Friends,

Charles and I have been in Town for over a fortnight now, enjoying the company of the Count and Countess Von Alland. Life has been a whirlwind of entertainments and of course shopping. My first order of business was to have the modiste visit; Veronique and I both indulging in new gowns and accessories.

There were many friends to be met on our arrival and still more to call upon, every day has been full and lively. We have been to the Theatre, have attended Almack’s, Charles’ friends from Parliament have been quite generous in inviting us to dine and to their Salons, while Veronique and the Count’s friends have included us in their invitations. We are also to attend Carlton House and be presented to The Prince.

You all know my love of music so you will be as surprised as I was at arriving at Ranelagh to discover we were to be privileged to hear Haydn play. Such an evening, I shall never forget it. There is talk his young protégé, Beethoven, shall come to Town later in the year; I hope I may have the good fortune to see him also. I have attended other musical evenings, making certain to speak with the musicians hoping, perhaps, I may entice them to Carlyle House for one of my own soirées so I may share their gifts with you all.

I thank you all for your kind letters, I have tried to make my responses ut I find my time is not always my own, I hope you will forgive my lack of diligence in this. Sophia tells me the girls are getting on well with the dance master I have engaged for them, although William is none to pleased to be importuned into making an even number. Poor William, he would much prefer being out on his horse than dancing, I am quite certain.

Jenny has accompanied me to London in Flossie’s stead so she may meet with her friend Pauline, Veronique’s Lady’s maid, whom she befriended when the Count and Countess visited us at Carlyle

House last summer. She and Pauline have renewed their friendship and are enjoying their visit. It is good for Jenny to be distracted thus while Major Venning is in battle in Corsica. I pray this war will soon be at end so Jenny and her beloved may be reunited and begin their life together.

We are set to return to Amberleigh on the 16th July and I must say, I welcome the peace and slower pace of the village. I long to see the children. On my return, I shall invite you all to tea so I may tell you of the wonders of London.

Until then, my dear friends, I remain your constant friend,


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