Friday, August 7, 2020

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 Leandrea Wallis  Written by Nickalli

By now you must have met our dear Leandrea Wallis. You’re sure to find her busy and fluttering about over at the Rose and Crown Inn and Pub. She’s the most charming type of girl. She’s not short but nor is she tall. She’s not thin, but nor is she curvy. She’s of average height and average build, a sturdy girl by sure. Her looks are also very pleasingly average with dark brown eyes and hair that is usually put up for practicality’s sake. But her eyes are often sparkling with mischief and she’s always got some project that she’s working on. She’s not fancy and not one for putting on airs, a good hard-working girl who loves a bit of laughter and fun.

She and her husband, Bryan Wallis, hail from Galloway, Scotland. They moved to Amberleigh a few years back when they heard that the Rose and Crown needed new proprietors. She runs the kitchens and inn and Bryan keeps mostly to the pub and stables. It’s such a lovely place to pass the time, whether just to stop in for an afternoon drink or if you’ve need of a meal and a bed. 

Besides the hard work that is required to keep the Inn running smoothly, Leandrea has several other skills and interests. She is especially talented with embroidery, her favorite being silk ribbon embroidery. She’s not so fair with practical sewing, however. She adores pretty penmanship and journals when time permits. She’s also an accomplished cook and baker and keeps the Inn’s guest and staff well-fed, but she’s an utter tragedy in the garden. Leandrea likes to pass the time in the evening reading and putting up preserves each season. She’s an admitted horrible gossip, but always gives people the benefit of doubt. Her tales of her past guests are always amusing and worth a stop in for afternoon tea and scones when you get a chance.

Leandrea Wallis, nee Bratten, was born in Galloway, Scotland. Her parents, Aibert and Wynfreda Bratten are the proprietors of House O’Hill on the edge of the Galloway forest. She was raised with her two older brothers, Tory and Paden and her younger sister, Katherine. All the children were expected to work hard at the Inn with their parents, learning every aspect of the business from the youngest age. It was a happy childhood, with constant adventures and interesting characters passing through. 

Her father, Aibert, saw the importance of an educated wife. His Wynfreda had such a knack for running the Inn but also of conversing on multiple subjects with the guest that came from all over. So he insisted that all of their children were tutored and educated as well. The girls were schooled right alongside the boys. And there were no chores to be found that could be divided up solely by gender, everyone pitched in where ever it was needed. They were a progressive family to be sure.

One evening a horrendous storm drove a local family to the House O’Hill Inn for shelter and a warm meal. The eldest son of the family was quite taken with young Leandrea and being unhappy with his own job prospects sought employment with Mr. Bratten. Well, Aibert was quite shrewd and able to see where this was headed. He’d caught his daughter’s own not so subtle looks at the boy. So he took the young lad under his employ and was determined to teach him as much about keeping an Inn as his own sons. And so Bryan Wallis began his apprenticeship as an Inn proprietor and the courtship between Bryan and Leandrea began. 

They were wed within the year as Leandrea was already in her 18th year when they met. They kept a residence near the Inn and both continued to be employed there, but were getting restless. A passing guest mentioned over dinner one night that he had just come from the lovely Rose and Crown in Amberleigh and that the gentleman was looking for someone to take over the proprietorship as he and his wife were getting on in years and with no kin of their own. After that, it was as if destiny had taken over. Bryan and Leandrea traveled to Amberleigh to meet with the couple and it was as if this was always meant to be. The transition was seamless and they’ve been here ever since. 

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  1. Beautifully relayed to us Leandrea, inspiring to be sure. I shall drop in for a cream tea soon as is permitted with time off work. Your friend, Innes.


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