Wednesday, September 9, 2020

A Note From Eva Broome


Hallo M’Dearies,

Tis wonderful news the Turners will once again be hosting their Ceilidh. Ceilidh, pronounced Kay-Lee, is an old Gaelic word meaning visit and it shall be a grand occasion for us all to meet with friends and neighbours. In my youth, back in Fife, we would tell stories and recite poems and passages from books we loved, there was much singing and later dancing and of course good food to celebrate a bountiful harvest. Everyone pitched in and brought something to share and it was always a feast of many wonderful dishes.

As you know I am partial to baking cakes so I shall bring one of my favourites to the gathering but I shall also be bringing a Braised Grouse. I am much obliged to Mr. Jasper Downsman of the Nettles for kindly supplying a brace of grouse for my purposes and to Viscount Comely for allowing him to do so, he is the kindest of landlords.

I thought I would share my receipt for Kensington Cake. Perhaps you will try it at home or indeed bring one to the Ceilidh. As I am wont to say, there is always a need for a wee bit of cake, and the more cake the better for such an occasion as the Turner’s Ceilidh.

Kensington Cake


½ lb. Butter 3 ounces Sultanas

½ lb. Sugar 2 ounces Citrus Peel

½ lb. Flour ½ teaspoon Baking Powder

4 eggs


First beat the sugar and butter to a cream, then add 4 eggs, also beating until quite thick. Then add the flour and sultanas and citrus peel. Last of all add the baking powder. Bake in a moderate oven. Dinna open the oven to check the cake and dinna let the children make loud noises or your cake will drop and you’ll be left with a biscuit! This cake is very nice iced with coffee icing.

Coffee Icing


½ lb. Sugar

½ lb. Butter

1 tablespoon very strong coffee


Cream the butter, then add the sugar and coffee and mix very well until a smooth spreading consistency is achieved.

Do let me know how you like the recipe. Fiona and I shall be so happy to see you all at the Ceilidh.

Until the 26th,

Best wishes,

Eva Broome

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