Sunday, September 20, 2020

A Closer Look into our Residents' Lives, Part five

 Dr. Woodforde

We last heard about Jane Meryvale sidestepping her mother’s blatant attempts at matchmaking having decided Dr. Woodforde the perfect candidate to wed her daughter. But who is Dr. Woodforde? Read on for a glimpse into the doctor’s life.

Dr. Robert Woodforde, having recently completed his training to practice medicine has returned to his home in Inscombe. A brilliant student awarded honours for his work he had a bright future in town and was certain he would have been chosen to work with Dr. Wayte, one of the foremost physicians in London. His mother’s declining health dictated he return to the Greenlea Estate but with the intention of returning to London at the earliest opportunity. An only child, the care of his mother fell solely to him.

Once back home in Inscombe, the demands on his time came quickly. As the weeks went by he realized he enjoyed the life of a country doctor. This led Dr. Thornton of Bexford to ask Dr. Woodforde to partner with him with an aim to take over when he retired. If this offer had come when Dr. Woodforde had first arrived home it would have met with a polite refusal, however now, rural medicine quite appealed to him and so he accepted Dr. Thornton’s proposal to join forces.

It was through Dr. Thornton he’d met Miss Meryvale. He had immediately thought her like the other young ladies he was acquainted with in London who vied for his attention, deeming him a good match, when she offered her assistance in organizing the school on his estate and procuring a teacher. It was only after lunching with Miss Meryvale and her mother he realized it was her mother who intended him to marry her daughter. Miss Meryvale apologized for her mother’s obvious attempts at pushing them together and went on to assure him she never intended to marry. Sensible and efficient, he found her help with establishing the school invaluable and at times she confounded him.

Together Dr. Woodforde and Miss Meryvale try to dissuade Mrs. Meryvale they are not suited. Charis Meryvale, however, has other ideas.

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