Sunday, September 27, 2020

Ceilidh at the Turner's Farm

 Our Ceilidh

Last night was our much anticipated Ceilidh at the Turner Farm. We were all so happy to celebrate the harvest with the Turners once again and this year’s Ceilidh was every bit as much fun as all the previous ones. The evening was filled with good food, laughter, song, stories and dance. It was wonderful to see everyone smiling and enjoying the evening and it will surely be a night to be remembered.

Entering the barn was enchanting with all the lovely lanterns casting beautiful patterns around the floor, walls and ceiling, making the room dance with light. Buntings of bright autumn colours were hung in swags transforming the barn into an elegant hall. There were stooks of hay put here and there for ambiance and the tables for the food had colourful cloths upon them in all the earthy shades of autumn. It truly was a sight to behold; the children stood awestruck just looking around at all the colour.

To the side was a place for the musicians who had set up early and were playing light-hearted tunes as everyone arrived. It lightened the mood and lifted everyone’s spirits to hear those old familiar songs. Soon some were singing along while others clapped in time, chatting all the while.

It seemed the entire village was there and another table had to be brought in to hold all the generous home cooked food donated for this special evening. Everyone used their best dishes and the table looked elegant and inviting, eliciting much admiration from the guests. Gardens around the village supplied fresh fruit and produce to round out all the savoury dishes and cakes. Eva Broome not only made her braised Grouse and Kensington cake but brought several other cakes to sample.

We enjoyed the bounty of our gardens and kitchens amongst laughter and stories, some standing to recite a favourite poem. At times someone would begin a song and everyone would join in singing, promoting such a feeling of community and friendship throughout the evening. Eva Broome started to sing Bonnie Dundee and soon everyone was singing then the fiddles and pipes joined in making it a resounding chorus.

After our feast, the music commenced once again and the dancing began. The Turner boys danced with all the young ladies in attendance making sure everyone shared in the fun. Those not dancing clapped their hands or tapped there feet in time with the music while watching the dancers swirl and skip to the beat of the tunes. Strip the Willow was a particular favourite and danced not once but twice!

It was a happy time for all and so very welcome after such a long pause. We thank the Turners for hosting this happy tradition in the village once again.

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  1. My what a celebration to be had! Did I see the young sisters Bentwhistle' long red hair swinging in rounds, in the long dance of Strip the Willow? What a time of gaiety. Thank you. Lady Caroline.


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