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THE HUNTSMAN - RESULTS of Amberleigh Garden Fete


My dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Amberleigh, 

It is with the greatest of pleasure that your own Master of Ceremonies, has the delightful task of relating to you all, Who came Where in the competition of our recent Garden Fete, in July. 

Our long listed selection was greatly supported from all walks of our fair village. Rest assured with such an attendance and participation in each category, I may safely say, and I am sure you will agree - our first "Annual Garden Fete".

 Thanking you very much indeed for your fine entries, so much diversity, the decision was hard come by, but thankfully, attained at last, along with the help of Old Mary's jug of elderflower cordial, Bless you my dear. 

Participation is more important than winning, so may I offer an congratulations to all who entered. May I say to those who missed out on an award this year, keep ones chin up and try again next year! And to those that did win a rosette, show a fine countenance dressed with a dash of grace, me thinks.

And now without further ado, let us view who succeeded as this years champion in each of our categories.  

Best Sewn Item:    Mrs. Leandrea Wallis' ribbon embroidered Letter B

Best loaf of Bread:  Mrs. Marianne Sedgeway's Challah Bread

Best decorated Bonnet: Miss. Jenny Wren

Best Poem:     Mr. Beckett Blackburn

Best Painted or Drawn Image:   Mrs. Hester Hardisty's Fruit Watercolour

Best Cake:   Mrs. Marianne Sedgeway's Strawberry Cheesecake

Best Pie:    Miss. Lavinia Rose Westcott's Rustic Pecan Pie

Cleverest Paper Creation is a two way tie between -

                              Mrs. Maria Medcalf's Garden Happiness Card 

                    &       Mrs. Matilda Cooper's Marbled Paper

Prettiest Pet: Mrs. Hester Hardisty's Cat Willie

Tallest Sunflower: Mrs. Phebe Knowles


We offer our congratulations to you all

 We applaud your efforts and take our hats off to you in celebration.

May we see you all in a twelvemonth at the second Annual Garden Fete!

Your devoted servant,

- Mr. Launcelot W. Penn esq.

 Master of Ceremonies Amberleigh

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